Picnic Day

Picnic day is a fun day out in the sun with fellow actuarial students. There will be many activities for students to enjoy such as soccer and frisbee as well as bike riding. As is it one of the first ASOC events of the year, it is a great chance to meet other actuarial students where you can gain insight into the actuarial degree or just enjoy a fantastic day out.

Trivia Night

Trivia night is a night which will test your general knowledge as well as your multitasking skills. Students will be in teams and will be answering questions from a wide genre of topics, which may range from nature to pop culture. Apart from questions, there may be puzzles and tasks which students can complete to be ahead of their competitors. 

Integration Bee

Integration bee is an event which has both group and individual events. It is a chance for students to showcase their reaction time from seeing a question to solving it and it will also test their memory of knowing any tricks to solving integration problems in possibly one step. However, it will not just be solving questions all night that would be too easy. There may be challenges that students will have to complete before being able to see the question. This will truly test a student’s multitasking skill in attempting to complete both the challenge and solve the question simultaneously.

Amazing Race

Amazing race challenges wit, fitness and patience. It is a race around the city and university where students have to solve clues to find the location of the next clue. The clues could be cryptic, puzzling or a physical challenge, those who persevere and do not give up will be able to advance. The faster the clues are solved, the more time students have for the next clue. Those who reach the final destination first are the winners.


Jass ball is a night full of fun for students where they get to watch performances, catwalks and dance the night away. It provides students with an opportunity to dress up to a theme and classier attire as well as mingle with students from Macquarie University. All ladies look beautiful in their dresses and all the men look dashing in their suits. This is one of the most talked about ASOC events of the year, those who do not attend, truly miss out.

Poker Night

Poker night is a chance for students to gamble in a safe environment without the risk of losing money. It tests a person's patience in knowing when is the right time to increase their bid or even go all in, as well as their detective skills, their ability to observe other players and know when they are bluffing about their hand. Players stop playing when they are bankrupt but those who wish to continue may choose the buyback option. It is a night filled with suspense and surprises, the winner may be someone that you least suspect.


Camp is a 3 day and 2 night getaway for students. In attending the camp, students will be participating in activities which require teamwork, initiative and problem-solving. However, it will not just be games all day and night, there will also be time for students to rest and do what they like. There will be many chances for students to meet and talk to other students in an environment which is different to university. It is one of the biggest ASOC events of the year and something that no one wants to miss out on.