Meet the Executives

President - Nina Ma

With her fantastic cooking and shopping skills and a caring soul, it’s not hard to see why Nina is the Ma of ASOC. It might be hard to spot her permanent eye-smile at ASOC events; not because she’s a little short, but because she’s tirelessly working behind the scenes as our ASOC President. While she doesn’t look like she’s been in ASOC for three (and counting!) years, her experience makes her a superb fit for the job. If you’re looking for a chat or just good life advice, don’t be shy boys and girls. Contact via email at


Vice President Internal - Charlie Han

Charlie never goes out of style as he shakes off his 2014 Treasurer role and fills the blank space on this year's exec team as Vice President Internal for 2015. Also known as the 'fella over there with the hella good hair' he'll 'leave you breathless' saying 'oh my god, look at that face' any time of the day. Jokes aside, his love for T-Swizzle, Chelsea FC, Federer backhands and morning OJ all come (tied) second only to his love for ASOC. He is truly passionate about the society and its students, with years of involvement and hours of dedication under his (shiny Puma) belt. Did I mention he's an all-round genius too? Haters gonna hate, but his swag game is definitely on point. 10/10 would recommend to any student in need of help. Contact via email at


Vice President External - Timothy Lam

Timothy knows how to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. He is approachable and is always keen to meet other actuarial students. So, if you are looking for someone to have deep and meaningful conversations with, or just really long conversations, then he is the go-to person. Timothy is also known for his passion and dedication to ASOC as he fits the Vice President External role in every way. He has already expanded the careers portfolio through the new and exciting events he has planned as well as attaining a new sponsor. Cannot wait to see what else he will achieve in 2015! Contact via email at  

Treasurer - Josephine Hu

Josephine is a true role model and goddess; if you ever need help with anything, this girl comes bearing wisdom in a flash. In her spare time she would be preparing 5 star meals, benching with Oliver Queen or scheming how to get away with murder whilst singing and strumming on her ukulele in preparation for the next High School Musical. She is a queen of many talents. Josey may not always be the one you'd trust during a game of Mafia (then again, who can you trust), however as ASOC's 2015 Treasurer you can be assured that the money is safe in her hands. So whenever you get the chance, come and talk to one of the friendliest, most fun loving people ASOC has ever seen. Contact via email at


Secretary - Helen Petruch

Helen is our resident (fake) blonde, typist, and photography coordinator. During our meetings, we'll hear her clacking away at the keyboard, getting down all the important details. She also works on our newsletters to keep you up to date with ASOC events and job applications, as well as making sure the society runs smoothly. Helen loves getting involved and having a good time - it isn't uncommon to see her singing and dancing. She's really friendly, with just the right amount of sass. Keep an eye out for her and her photography team at our events if you want a good photo! Get in touch with Helen at


Peer Support Director - Kevin Zhang

Kevin, also known as Korean Kevin (KK) because of his dashing k-pop star looks and k-pop dance moves (on point, can confirm, would recommend/10) is your Peer Support Director for 2015. He is always full of energy and enthusiasm for all ASOC related activities and will never shy away from a good selfie session. In all seriousness, KK’s passion and dedication for ASOC is as big as his love for k-dramas. He is super friendly and approachable, with a million-dollar smile and wink (which can be seen in ASOC's O-Week video). If you ever need any help, our sweet KK will be more than willing to lend you a hand. Contact via email at


Social Director - Aidan Sussman

Aidan is the definition of fun. He has spent his free time unravelling the mysteries of the jungles of South-East Asia, searching through the treasures in the river beds of Cambodia. He is a man of many talents. Whether it's bulking or shredding season, he is on point with his meal and workout plans just as he is with all the new and exciting events he will bring to us this year. Aidan has got to be the most easy-going, hilarious white man you will ever come across. So LGs and LBs, watch out for this sexy hell of a boy coming your way and bringing his energy to the ASOC team this year as our Social Director. If in doubt of the life of an actuarial student, talk to Aidan and you will be surprised. Contact via email at


IT Director - Adrian Lin

Adrian is someone who is made out of IT director material. He is a very kind-hearted soul who is willing to take you hand-in-hand, through every step for your problem, and even a side step if you want more. He is truly a passionate and innovative man, already whipping out top-notch technology, tinkering and rearming his self-developed Android app for ASOC event registrations! Looking forward to 2015 with this amazing IT director, and don’t be afraid to chat him up for some unforgettable memories. Contact via email at


Marketing Director - Sam Lyoo

It's extremely easy to spot who Sam is in any scenario. At dinner, he's the person who's always asking for more chili on his dish. At meetings, he's the innovative individual who's always embracing new ideas. At social events, he's the person spreading the "ILY" around. However, one thing doesn't change about Sam wherever he is: he's always an approachable and fun person to be around. Contact via email at


Publications Director - Ryan Xie

Ryan puts the pub in publications. He is both a social butterfly and a publications master. See all those cool cover photos? Yep, well Ryan made them in the time he wasn’t kicking it back at the roundhouse. Ryan jacks some swag, rocking a collared shirt, a fashionable sweater, thongs and even a bowtie at times. This makes him easy to spot, so if you have any ideas for ASOC’s bimonthly magazine (the FAB), have a chat with Ryan because he is always keen for new ideas and innovation! Or you can reach him at


Sports Director - Angel Guo

If you need someone to have a chat with, then Angel is definitely the person to go to. She is sweet, energetic, approachable and has a genuine passion for sports. As a workmate, she is organised, open-minded and easy to work with. As a friend, she is always there for you if you need her and will support you all the way till the end. It was an honour to have the opportunity to work with her last year and the future definitely looks bright with her leading the Sports Portfolio in the coming year! If you need to contact Angel, you can email her at


President - Edwin Zhang

Known as the pimp of ASOC, the incredibly sexy Edwin commands the absolute attention of all females, sometimes males too, in a 10km radius. However, what makes Edwin truly stand out as the President of ASOC is not his mastery of the ladies, but his dedication to the ASOC community. He has earned the community’s respect, including mine, as a friend, mentor and leader that is both fun to be around but also reliable and serious when the duty calls. As our President, I have no doubt he will continue to strive to improve our society for the better. Contact via email at

Vice President Internal - Georgina Zu

With an easygoing and bubbly personality, Georgina is someone who is very approachable and friendly. She is fun to hang around and you can always spot her at events talking to everyone (sometimes you may hear her before you see her). If there is anything you need help with, Georgina is always willing to lend a hand. She will make a fantastic 2014 vice president internal and the one to go to if you want more BBQs. Contact via email at

Vice President External - Zhiying Feng

My first memory of Zhiying was when he made a short speech at my first (and about the only one that I went to) MATH1151 lecture. Here was this short, slightly chubby guy talking about sports committee and other ASOC events, and my initial impression of him was 'one of those boring ASOC guys'. Having joined the ASOC sports committee however, I have realised that Zhi is not only intelligent, even by actuarial standards, but also very organised and is a great leader, an amazing friend and mentor.To me, he will always be the person that guided me through my first year and a role model for the rest of my life. Contact via email at

Treasurer - Charlie Han

Charlie is our friendly and approachable Treasurer for 2014. His incredible work ethic, extreme dedication to ASOC, and raw number crunching abilities make him the top guy for the job. As a typical UNSW actuarial student, Charlie loves to play tetris and model stock prices using Brownian motion in his spare time. Although he leads a double life as Carlos Garcia, an internationality renowned chilli eating champion from Mexico, Charlie is down to earth and easy to work with, which makes him a perfect fit for our ASOC team. Be on the lookout for his new and exciting fundraising initiatives. Contact via email at

Secretary - Oliver Li

Oliver is one of the friendliest, proactive and helpful guys I know. He is willing to go out of his way to help others and hence will make a perfect secretary and definitely an invaluable friend. He is well known in ASOC for wearing thongs and his years of dedication to ASOC BBQs and general volunteering. Oliver loves listening to and playing Rock, especially to Oasis so if you are a Rock junkie like he is, better shoot him an invitation to your band and be prepared to hear him “Rock ‘n’ Roll” on his Electric Guitar. Contact via email at

Marketing Director - Doris Kong

This fine young lady is a perfect match for the Marketing position and will take ASOC's marketing to the next level. Doris is very creative and hardworking so prepare to be amazed by her exceptional videos and marketing skills. She is also a great dancer and always keen to play 500. Despite having the busy schedule of an actuarial student and her many talents, she is very down to earth and approachable so come along to ASOC events and have a chat with her. Contact via email at

Social Director - Nina Ma

At first sight Nina can be perceived as a shy girl, but once you get to know her you will learn that she is actually very friendly and approachable. Nina loves going out, eating different types of foods (and taking photos/instagramming them…), watching movies and spending time with her friends and family. Watch out for ASOC’s major social events such as the Annual ASOC Camp and Annual JASS Ball, as she will be responsible for the supervision of the teams responsible for the coordination and organisation of these events! Look out for her (if you can find her because she is a little short) as she is ASOC’s Social Director. Contact via email at

Sports Director - Timothy Lam

Tim’s the guy in the Lakers jersey. He speaks sport, he wears sport, he plays sport… oh and he is also our Sport’s Director for 2014! Tim is a friendly and outgoing guy, so don’t be afraid to approach him or ask him out ladies ;) [For maximum entertainment feed him something hot and spicy.] Contact via email at

Peer Support Director - Dorothy Cheung

Dorothy is a quiet, hard-working university student who gets good grades, knows her material and quite organised, making her an extremely capable Peer Support Director for 2014. But you know what they say about quiet people; they work hard and play hard, which is definitely a suitable motto to describe actuarial students. She is approachable as she is always willing to lend a helping hand or give some advice. She has great time management skills, always on time with deadlines and is prompt with replying to emails, making her an asset of the 2014 ASOC Executive team. Contact via email at

Publications Director - Celine Ng

With such a happy and approachable personality Celine is a great friend and also an excellent exec to have on the team. She’s not afraid to voice her thoughts and contribute many of her ideas to team projects. Her hobbies include going to wet n wild and… going to wet n wild. I’m sure ‘being an excellent actuary’ is in there somewhere :P All jokes aside Celine is intelligent and hard working. So I really look forward to working with her as the Publications Director in 2014. Contact via email at

IT Director - Prem Rajendran

As a super organised person with an innovative mind and a great passionate for IT, Prem will be an amazing IT director for 2014. Even before the year officially began, he has already increase ASOC’s online presence by creating an ASOC twitter account, to make sure all actuarial student are constantly updated with the latest ASOC events #freebbq He is also bringing out a new and improved ASOC website, which looks awesome. We can’t wait to see what else he has in plan, but we absolutely look forward to it. Prem is definitely our go-to-guy for any IT problems. Contact via email at