About Actuarial Studies

Actuarial Studies is a broadly based commerce discipline that involves the study of mathematics, statistics, accounting, economics and finance for application in life insurance, general insurance, health insurance, superannuation, funds management, banking and management consulting. The Actuarial Studies program at USNW aims to be the prestige program in Actuarial Studies and Commerce in Australia and South East Asia. UNSW is a world class University and highly rated by the Good Universities guide. The UNSW Actuarial Studies program is recognised a Centre of Excellence by the Actuaries Institute http://www.actuaries.asn.au

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Major in Actuarial Studies

  • For a single major, 42 UOC (7 ACTL courses) must be completed. (For degrees starting on and before 2009, this is 48 UOC, or 8 ACTL courses.)
  • For a double major, 42 UOC (7 ACTL courses) must be completed.
  • A minor consists of 24 UOC (4 ACTL courses) containing at least 6 UOC at level 3. The minor does not form part of the nominated major. (The 6 UOC level 3 ACTL only applies to degrees starting 2010 and onwards.)

Actuarial Core Courses

  • ACTL 1001 Actuarial Studies and Finance
  • ACTL 2001 Financial Mathematics
  • ACTL 2002 Probability and Statistics for Actuaries
  • ACTL 2003 Stochastic Model for Actuarial Applications

Actuarial Elective Courses

  • ACTL 3001 Actuarial Statistics
  • ACTL 3002 Life Insurance and Superannuation Models
  • ACTL 3003 Insurance Risk Models
  • ACTL 3004 Financial Economics for Insurance and Superannuation
  • ACTL 3005 Superannuation and Retirement Benefits

Actuarial Core Courses

  • ACTL 1101 The Financial Life-Cycle
  • ACTL 1122 Corporate Governance for Actuaries 
  • ACTL 2102 Time Series and Simulation
  • ACTL 2111 Compound Interest Theory and Applications
  • ACTL 2131 Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • ACTL 3141 Actuarial Models and Statistics
  • ACTL 3151 Life Contingencies
  • ACTL 3162 General Insurance Techniques
  • ACTL 3182 Asset-Liability and Derivative Models