VBA Workshop

To help actuarial students gain highly regarded computing skills in the industry, ASOC is proud to offer VBA workshops. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language associated with programs such as Excel. Excel is one of the main tools we used for analysing data, and using VBA enable a lot more to be done than just using the normal spreadsheet view. Knowing how to use VBA is a valuable skill that will help in actuarial assignment and even in future workplaces.

Peer Support

We also understand that the academic work can be very demanding and that is why we also offer Peer Support program for most actuarial subjects. In essences, Peer Support classes are group study sessions held by upper level students who know the subject well and understand to the needs of the students. It is where students can ask questions to deepen their understanding of the material in an informal and welcoming environment.

Peer Mentoring

To help first year students cope with the new and unfamiliar environment of university, ASOC is proud to offer its own Peer Mentoring Program. University is very different from high school, and we understand that transition can be very difficult. Peer mentoring is a great way to help first years familiarise themselves with life at university and make new friends who are also studying the actuarial. Peer Mentors will be there to help newcomers settle in and share their own experiences on how to make most of the time at university with lots of fun activities.