Deloitte Case Study

As future actuaries, have you ever wondered what it would be like to solve a real life actuarial problem for a firm?

Students are required to compete in teams of 2 to 4 and will be required to investigate the following contemporary actuarial issue:

Life annuities, in their simplest form, represent a guarantee to make a fixed payment to the annuitant until his/her point of death. Even though the idea of life annuities can be traced back to the Roman Empire, its current share in the Australian retirement market is less than 1%. Investigate into why guarantee based products are not preferred by the market as opposed to investment based products and suggest up to 2 new policies, services and/or products that would help increase its market share.

Case Study Structure

Heats: Teams are required to submit their response as a report accompanied by their PowerPoint slides for a 10 minute presentation as well as a one-page executive summary.
Semi-Final: The top teams are to present their cases on campus.
Grand Final: The finalists are to present their cases to Deloitte judges at the Deloitte Head Office