Quantium Problem Solving Challenge

Our annual Problem Solving Challenge, sponsored by Quantium, involves teams of two to four people working together to solve a practical problem that you may often face in the workplace. Teams will be given a set of data, which they will need to analyse in order to answer a set of questions. Five teams will be chosen from the initial submissions as finalists, who will then present their answers in person to our guest judges from Quantium in a professional environment.

Everyone is encouraged to enter this competition, and the question can be answered by students of all year and skill level, including first years. The judges will take into account the year level of the team and evaluate their answers accordingly, so no one is at a disadvantageif they haven’t done a certain course! The Challenge will open in late Semester 1 and the Finals will be held in early Semester 2.

The Quantium Problem Solving Challenge is an excellent opportunity to learn about the consulting industry and what it is like to solve real world problems. You will get the chance to meet and network with practicing actuaries from Quantium and learn more about their role. It is also a chance to challenge yourself, put what you have learnt into application and at the same time develop your communication and presentation skills, both of which will be extremely useful further down your career path. Lastly, there are great cash prizes for the Winner and Runner-up!!!

Good luck!